Android 2.2.2 Froyo Update for Motorola Defy

The Froyo update for the Moto Defy is gradually rolling out. On June 7th it became available for my German retail version, so here is a quick report about the hurdles and the benefits.

The update is not available over the air (OTA). Instead you have to download a special software to your PC that installs the update into the phone using a USB cable. The download is available at

If your regional version is not yet available you can subscribe to the Motorola support forum to get informed about any new regional rollouts:

Improvements and new features

Froyo brings some major and many minor improvements. The hottest topics for me are:

  • Inproved overall speed of the surface
    (see my comments deeper down)
  • Adobe Flash Player 10.1
    Many videos on the web need this player version and are not available with Android 2.1 Eclair.
  • App2SD
    Apps can not only be installed to the (rather limited) internal memory, but also to your Micro-SD card.
  • Profiles
    Instead of 7 home screens you now get 3 profiles with 7 screens each. You can name these profiles (e.g. “office”, “home”, “vacation”) and organize your apps in each of them. Each profile can have its own background image.

The update process

Contrary to the readings in the download page the update will not destroy your personal data. So don’t panic. On the other hand a backup is never a bad idea – there are even apps for that.

Download the updater software, install and start it on your PC and follow the instructions. When the software asks you to disconnect and restart your phone you may still see the red pulsating Motorola sign on the display. If so: just wait – the phone is still processing the update. This can take several minutes. I was tempted to remove the battery as I thought the phone got stuck. DON’T do that. Just wait! After the phone has restarted you have to reconnect it one more time to the PC to finalize the update.

When all is done and your phone is up and running again, you will have to wait for several minutes until all your contacts and calendars are resynchronized. Obviously all cloud data has to be downloaded again. I also had to wait some minutes until K9 (my email client app) did show me all my emails and folders again. But basically it all happened by itself and I had to do nothing but wait patiently.

The benefit

The update rewards you with a much smoother performance of the surface. With Eclair I experienced laggy scrolling and unresponsiveness in several parts of the system. With Froyo it is all gone.

You will find many little improvements under the hood, like Telefone, Contacts, Favorites all being aggregated into one application now, a button starting the camera app from anywhere in the gallery, fresh designs for the gallery and many other items of the surface, and so on.

All in all the update is very much worth your while and I really recommend it. With Froyo your Defy will feel like it just got a CPU upgrade.

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8 Antworten auf Android 2.2.2 Froyo Update for Motorola Defy

  1. Hi, I read your info about the 2.2.2 update for Motorola Defy, which led me to the Motorola upgrade download page and I seem to have successfully updated. I found your article extremely helpful and would never have got there on my own. Just been checking it over to see if its all there. I can’t find anything about Profiles. As far as I can see I still have the 7 desktops that I had before. I can’t find the 3 with the 7 screens each. Can you help? Maybe I just don’t know how to access it? It’s frustrating not knowing how to go about finding out.
    Thanks for the help you’ve already given and any help or advise you can provide on the above query, Helga.

  2. Jörg Wagner sagt:

    Hello Helga,
    profiles are a bit hidden:
    Go to the Android home screen and touch the Menu button (leftmost of the four sensor buttons on the Defy). One of the menu items that appear will be the Profiles item.
    Cheers, Jörg.

  3. jens sagt:

    Servus Jörg, (deutsch unten)

    I have to agree: the update is well worth your while! But here’s my question: Homescreen Profiles are a great idea, but after my update, I ironically only have one profile (“private”) and I cannot add any. Can I activate the other two somewhere else???

    Kann Dir nur beipflichten, denn das Update hat sich wirklich gelohnt! Nun aber zu meiner Frage: die Homescreen Profiles Geschichte find ich toll, aber nach meinem Update gibt es unsinniger Weise nur 1 Profile (“Privat”). Kann man die anderen noch irgendwo freischalten???


  4. Jörg Wagner sagt:

    Hi Jens,
    I did a standard update as described above and I got 3 profiles out of the box:
    Private, Office, Weekend (on my German system they are named: Privat, Büro, Wochenende) with the option to rename them.
    How do you check for available profiles? Did you use the menu button in the home screen as I described above in my answer to Helga’s question?
    Cheers, Jörg.

  5. peter sagt:

    Thank you for your post! This worked fully for me! Thanks agan :-)

  6. jack sagt:

    can i do it in mexico?

  7. Jörg Wagner sagt:

    Please check the two Motorola links at the beginning of my posting. They contain all the roll-out announcements for the regional versions.

  8. Shery Varghese sagt:

    Hi Jörg Wagner,
    Thanks for showing up the profiles. i was searching the profiles menu location for long.
    Shery Varghese

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