TYPO3 8 LTS now available!

Today the TYPO3 team has released the latest Long Term Support version 8 LTS of its famous CMS. Internally this is version 8.7. Here are the major new features that were added since the version 7 branch…

Responsive Backend

The backend of TYPO3 8 LTS is now fully responsive and can be nicely used on smartphones.

Improved image processing

The integrated image editor was a big plus of version 7. In 8 LTS it has been extended even further to fully support responsive images. It is now possible to interactively set multiple dedicated cropping rectangles and focus points depending on the target device’s screen resolution.

Form builder

The form builder has been completely replaced by a flexible new solution that allows editors to easily create forms spanning multiple pages.

Improved multi-language support

Multi-language websites have always been a big strength of TYPO3.
With v8 this is taken even further. It is now possible to define inheritance of translations on the level of each single content element.

Rich text editor replaced

TYPO3 now builds on the well known CKEditor. The editor is much easier to configure and a perfect work horse for the daily backend work.

Other improvements

Many other improvements have been implemented under the hood and the strategy to remove legacy code from the core has been continued. TYPO3 8 is now fully cloud ready and can be installed on Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS. Doctrine has been implemented as database abstraction layer, which makes TYPO3 compatible with a long list of databases.

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