News features in Chrome’s DevTools

Google Chrome’s DevTools are the Swiss army knife of web developers. With version 59 of Google Chrome the toolset has received some very interesting new features. Weiterlesen

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TYPO3 8 LTS now available!

Today the TYPO3 team has released the latest Long Term Support version 8 LTS of its famous CMS. Internally this is version 8.7. Here are the major new features that were added since the version 7 branch… Weiterlesen

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Web development: Ready-made VMs to test under all IE versions

Internet Explorer is a nightmare for each and every web developer on this planet.
Now here is at least some help in testing your code with different IE versions and even if you are not developing on Windows.

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IE9 Bug: Using Postscript Type 1 Base Fourteen Fonts

If you are a web worker or designer, chances are that you have Postscript Type 1 font versions of Helvetica, Times and Courier installed on your Windows 7 machine. This may lead to partial or total malfunction of IE9, and you may search for hours why your websites work in IE on one machine and fail on a second (that does not have these fonts installed). Weiterlesen

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Virtualize your old Win XP machine on Windows 7

After several years of happy usage your hardware as well your Win OS are due for a refresh? You have already postponed it for a year or three, but the day has finally come where you definitely have to say goodbye to your old working environment? Why don’t you take it with you onto your new system? It is easier as you may think! Weiterlesen

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Cloud Computing in the Focus of ZendCon 2011

ZendCon 2011, the seventh annual Zend PHP Conference, ended yesterday.
You missed it? Some really interesting live speech recordings are available online… Weiterlesen

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Full Access to a PHP Class on a Separate Server

During my latest project I was faced with the need to access a PHP class with all its methods and properties from another server. This lead to some research and an astonishingly simple solution… Weiterlesen

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IE9 Bug: Loading PDFs into Frames Using JavaScript

An exotic bug hit my desk today: A business card PDF generation system that I have programmed and maintained for several years refused to cooperate with Internet Explorer 9. It turned out there is a weird bug in the latest IE browser version. Weiterlesen

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Tips & Tricks for TYPO3 Extension Powermail

When it comes to complex web forms the onboard TYPO3 content element “Mail form” soon reaches its limits. The well known extension Powermail will fill the gap. Here are some tips and tricks that might come in handy if you start using it. Weiterlesen

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Android 2.2.2 Froyo Update for Motorola Defy

The Froyo update for the Moto Defy is gradually rolling out. On June 7th it became available for my German retail version, so here is a quick report about the hurdles and the benefits. Weiterlesen

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