“Indentation and Frames” for TYPO3 content elements

TYPO3 content elements yield a setting called “Indentation and Frames” (or simply ”Frame” in older TYPO3 versions) that is often ignored. It can be used to add custom CSS classes to content elements, or even wrap them in a nested custom tag structure. Here is how to use it… Weiterlesen

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EIZO vs. NEC – selecting monitors for a professional dualhead setup

Time to buy new monitors. As a media programmer and web developer I am using a dual monitor setup for many years now. Is this still the way to go? Which type of monitors should I use? What budget will I need? Weiterlesen

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A simple local Windows mail server for testing PHP scripts

Over time I used all sorts of solutions to test the email sending functions of my PHP scripts during development on my local Windows machine. They all had some pros and many cons and kept me searching for a better way of testing. Weiterlesen

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Local backup strategies on Windows

Backup strategies for PCs in a SoHo environment should be fully automated and should not be relying on any user initiation or interaction – otherwise they risk to be postponed and forgotten in the daily race. For my everyday backup I additionally prefer techniques that allow me to retrieve different versions of each file, just in case I want to go back to some data that I changed in the meantime. Weiterlesen

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Up-to-date color profiles for Euroscale printing

Adobe is delivering rather aged Euroscale printing profiles for the European market, e.g. the FOGRA28 profile that comes with the CS4 suite. Up-to-date color profiles for Euroscale printing are available free of cost from the European Color Initiative (ECI). Weiterlesen

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GraphicsMagick crashing under TYPO3

A TYPO3 4.3 project running nicely on my local development system did not produce the expected icons on the remote live server. It took me the better part of a day to find out why… Weiterlesen

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