11 Antworten auf Completely disable POP3 accounts in Thunderbird 3

  1. Jaco sagt:

    The .defer_get_new_mail field does not seem to exist anymore on Thunderbird 3.1.8. Anything else I can try?

  2. Henrik sagt:

    Doesn’t work with IMAP mail. The easiest is to change the account’s password to something invalid, or to change the server name to something invalid (e.g. “mail.gmail.comZZZ”)

  3. haridasn sagt:

    Good Information, this saved my time.

    But I’m using icedove, the settings path are slightly different, and the parameters too. But we can easily locate it from this blog post.

    In icedove the path to advanced configuration is –

    Edit — > Preferences -> Advanced -> Config Editor

    Other configuration parameters specified above are valid for icedove also, but still there is small changes but we can locate it.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Haridas N.

  4. vincent sagt:

    defer_get_new_mail appears to have gone away in Thunderbird 11.0.1
    Any alternatives?

  5. semiaddict sagt:

    Great post.

    I’m aware that this is an old post and the solution only works for POP accounts, but is there an alternative for IMAP accounts ?

    I’m using the latest version (Thunderbird 13.0), and actually trying to disable a deleted account while keeping all the messages. Moving the account’s messages to my local folder is not a desired option.

    Any help is highly appreciated.

    • Jörg Wagner sagt:

      Hi Semi,
      moving the messages and IMAP folders to a local folder would be exactly what I recommend. If you want to keep them you have to keep them locally. Whether you move them to a defined local folder or only detach the existing IMAP folders from the account is basically the same: In both cases the emails are stored locally. So why don’t you go for the local folder option in the first place?
      Cheers, Jörg.

  6. Steve sagt:

    As of TB 15 (or maybe before) there is no setting for server.server*.defer_get_new_mail.

    There is mail.server.server*.check_new_mail but you don’t need to use the config editor to change it. Just deselect “Check for new messages at startup” in the account’s server settings.

    • Jörg Wagner sagt:

      As I wrote in the beginning of my posting:

      As I found there seems to be no simple option in the account settings dialogs to do that – besides the well known possibilites to switch of periodic polling and polling at startup of Thunderbird – which both don’t avoid the polling when the “Get Mail” button is hit.

      So at least your account settings suggestion is no solution. Unfortunately I cannot check your new config editor options as I do not have any POP3 accounts left – they are all IMAP by now.

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